7 out of 10 Americans believe abortion should remain safe and legal.

The Abortion Truth Teach-In will speak to this majority and address fundamental concerns and questions regarding abortion and choice. Those who support a woman’s right to choose, but feel they can not eloquently defend that stance, will leave equipped with the information they need to begin speaking up. Those who feel “on the fence,” or personally struggle with their stance and their faith, will gain clarity by engaging with the facts concerning abortion.

Participants will learn about abortion procedures in layman’s terms, directly from a provider. The physician will address myths, misconceptions, and facts regarding these procedures,  ensuring that participants leave fully informed and confident in their stance. There will be interactive lessons, personal stories of choice, expert panel discussion, and screenings of related documentaries. With this innovative approach, this majority will not only be better educated but better equipped to turn the tide on the ongoing attacks on a woman’s right to choose.

With knowledge comes empowerment. With empowerment comes advocacy.